Moonlight Beach Gallery, Encinitas, CA  Membership and Participation Form

 Name _______________________________________________  Phone number_________________________

 Mailing Address_______________________________________  Email _______________________________ 


[] $ 10 per year General Membership – benefits include: monthly newsletter, inspirational and educational

group meetings,  critiques, and paint outs, name listed on internet website.

Information about contests, legal issues, and other activities pertinent to artists.  One vote per membership. 

Invitation information to participate in shows, contests, fairs, group workshops, seminars for artists and collectors, and public 

appreciation events such as museum tours, and art walks. 

Activities that I would like to volunteer for:

_____Newsletter Committee             _____Critique Committee               _____Educational Committee
_____Community Events Comm.      _____Fundraising Committee         _____Volunteer Teacher
_____Scholarship & Grant               _____Publicity

Hold Harmless Agreement/Waiver of Liability For  Moonlight  Beach Gallery

In consideration of my participation in Moonlight Gallery
and Studio

I ___________________________________ hereby release and hold harmless the members of Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio,  its

directors, regents, trustees, agents, employees, and or any  sponsors, and  or businesses associated with Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio 

activities, for any personal injuries and or property loss I may sustain as a result of my participation in activities of the Moonlight Beach 

Gallery and Studio.  This includes both on- and off- campus/studio, gallery and any activities, workshops, trips, practices, paint outs,

seminars, fairs,  etc.  I hereby agree to assume all risk of injury and loss that may arise as a result of participating in any Moonlight Beach 

Gallery and Studio activity and further agrees to hold Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio members: and/or its agents, harmless for any injury 

or Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio loss that arises as a direct or indirect result of any act or omission of any third party.

I agree to follow all Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio policies and procedures when acting as a director or participant in Moonlight Beach

Gallery and Studio.  I agree to Hold Harmless the Moonlight Beach Gallery and Studio for injury or theft incurred at any event, class, showing,

or other activity mentioned above, as well as any other group sponsored event.  I understand that the group does not have insurance for any

painting theft or damage or personal injury. I agree not to sue this group or any person associated with the group for any reason. 

I agree to cover my own losses and carry my own insurance as I feel necessary for my art and health.

I hereby sign this Hold Harmless Agreement.  

Signed by ________________________________________ Date______________________


County of San Diego, California city of ___________________________________________.

Witness one _____________________________________________date_______________

Witness two______________________________________________date______________

Please return membership form with a check for the amount you select.

 Make checks payable to  Moonlight Beach Gallery, Inc.

Mail to:  Moonlight Gallery, P.O. Box 675323 Rancho Santa Fe,  CA 92067